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Best Travel Blog Posts from March 2014

By in Park

Best Travel Blog Posts from March 2014

March was a low-key month for me as it relates to travel. I had a lot going on at home during March, and I was content to leave my suitcase stowed away, focusing instead on the immediate things going on in my life. Because I stayed in Las Vegas throughout the duration of the month, I took some time to enjoy my favorite Vegas sights, and I also ate at a few new restaurants and enjoyed a couple new shows that have arrived in the city. It was an important time for me to slow down, and I didn’t mind at all that I wasn’t gallivanting around the world.

Though I stayed in one place, a number of other travelers took to the roads. Here are a few of my favorite travel blog posts from the month of March:

> Abby at Daydream Away visited Victoria, British Columbia. This cute destination has a soft spot in my heart as it is where my husband and I celebrated our honeymoon.

> One of my Life List goals is to participate in a sea turtle rescue operation, so this post over at Camels & Chocolate about visiting a turtle hospital sounds like something I’d definitely be interested in.

> 22 Words had a handful of great travel-related posts this past month. I particularly enjoyed this one that shows what the surrounding areas of iconic buildings and monuments looks like and one that illustrates the correct way to eat in seven countries around the world.

> I really enjoyed this piece by Audrey at Uncornered Market about being present in travel. Too often we get stuck behind our smart phones and cameras, and fall into common routines, and forget to really live and be in the moment. This is a good reminder for everyone, regardless of how often or where they might travel.

> Twenty of the country’s craziest hotel rooms, aka 20 hotel rooms I will never be able to afford.

Best Travel Blog Posts from March 2014 is a story from: Kaleidoscopic Wandering.

Kaleidoscopic Wandering

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